4.2 is AWESOME

Well I will have to say what a AWESOME job these guys did here with 4.2. I like the look and feel, though “copy/paste” is a little different, still trying to figure it out and need “full” dark mode for fedora 38 but i will look into that later this week.

Awesome job DEVS!!!


I’ve reported (here) a number of issues, but on the whole I have to agree!!

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same from me! Very impressed and OS looking great on two of my machines!

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the shared clipboard is cleaned once you use it in a qube :+1: that should be the only change there :thinking:

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Another difference (started from 4.1) is that you can’t paste text into the same qube: 4.1 no longer allows copy and pasting to same VM · Issue #7502 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub


It’s great, really like it! Anyone else having the missing GUI for disk password? But it does not make a difference in the end as far as it works ok.

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I thin it’s the “NEW” keyboard, LOL!! You know crisp keys and all

Have to agree with the above. Been using it for the last few weeks and its really good. Great job!

Great to hear nice responses. Can someone confirm there’s no more issues with the keyboard switching layout in dom0?