Disk encryption prompt shows in a Terminal

Continuing the discussion from 4.2 is AWESOME:

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Can you elaborate on that?

He might be referring to the phenomenon where sometimes qubes boots up to a GUI that asks you for the disk password, and sometimes qubes boots up with text mode asking you for the disk password. I saw this in 4.1

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For me, Esc always allows to switch between these two interfaces.


Maybe it is because user pressed Home keyboard button or some other that exists GUI prompt? I have never had it to be happening by its own.

It has happened to me, and I’m pretty confident that I didn’t hit any keys during the start sequence, but it’s on the same system that has the “sys-usb does not start if you wait for longer then 30 seconds before typing your password in at the disk decryption prompt” issue which could be related. I have suspicions that the “30 seconds” issue is related to the graphics card.

I tried ESC but it only changes the background. There is no input field but the same line from the CLI. As I mentioned, it’s not really an issue as long as it works. It changed when I installed 4.2 as there was the GUI input for the disk password before.