Zen 3 Laptop APUs, 5800H 5900HX etc

Anybody tried getting any Qubes version to work with these APUs in any laptop? I’ve tried with latest Kernel 5.11 without getting any results.

I install on an old laptop, upgrade kernel to 5.11 then transfer to the new APU laptop, it boots till the part of “failed to switch root”.

I also had to use a (REFIND) Boot Manager to boot into the UEFI of Qubes.

I’m looking to get one of the newly released Cezanne APUs for Qubes. Before I take the plunge, I’d like to know ahead of time if it’s working with R4.0.

I’d greatly appreciate it if someone with a Cezanne APU can test out Qubes on their machine. More specifically, I’d like to know whether the iGPU functional, and whether all cores are working. (There are credible reports that some AMD cores don’t work with Xen/Qubes).

Edit: I must’ve been having a stroke when I wrote this. Edited for coherency.

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No laptop APU, but a user got a Zen 3 desktop CPU running:

That’s encouraging, but it’s just Zen 3 and not its APU (e.g. R7-5700G for desktop). What I’m after is the integrated GPU so I can build a cheap, compact system.

Maybe interesting: Debian 11 RC2 (Default Kernel 5.10) boots, works AND suspends INCLUDING resume on a Thinkpad E15 AMD Gen 3 (Ryzen 5500U)

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This is promising news, especially since R4.0.4 has a newer default kernel. Thank you

Another link, where we try to install on 5800H: Qubes 4.1 on Legion 5 pro R7 5800H RTX3060

With no luck yet, but who knows? :crazy_face: