Yubikey without sys-USB


i am trying to use a Yubikey in some AppVM but it does not show up in the device manager, when not using a USB-Qube. With the USB Qube it works, but for some reason (USB Audi device, needs to be in dom0, and only having 2 USB controllers) i cannot use a setup with sys-usb.

dmesg shows no errors, and lsusb shows the yubikey.

Is there any way to use the yubikey without a sys-usb?

If you have 2 USB controllers and 1 of them is in dom0 then you should’ve 1 more left to use for sys-usb, no?
Do you want to use yubikey connected to dom0 in other AppVMs?
Also, you can create sys-audio and use it as sys-usb as well:

unfortunatelly i do not have multiple USB controllers. i am looking into sys-audio being sys-usb