Youtube and audio playback does not work correctly in Qubes 4.1.2


this is my Hardware:

Mainboard: Gigabyte X570 Gaming
Graphiccard: ASUS Geforce GT610
CPU: AMD Ryzon 7 3700X

old OS / used before (without descripted Problems):

Qubes 4.0
Kernel 5.4.190-1.fc25

new OS with descripted Problems:

Qubes 4.1.2
3 different Kernel tested,
preinstalled kernel
kernel update and
kernel-latest (5.15.94-1.fc32)
XEN: 4.14.5

When i play a Video from Harddisk, i see the Video normally, but there is no real sound,
when i open pulse audio volume control in dom0 and move a mixer control (does not have to be the one from the vm wich plays the sound), there is a sound, but it hangs, there are only sounds while i move the mixer, i can guess that this is the sound from the video when i have fantasy.

Additionally i have the Problem that when i open a video on youtube the video hangs massive, short something moves and than the video freezes.
Because of this audio is also not playing.

Than there is a massage from youtube that i should restart the PC if the video does not start shortly.

I have restarted the PC a few times and also installed Qubes again, one time on HDD another time on nvme/SSD, but in this case there was no difference.

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Not sure if this is relevant, but for every version of Qubes I install I always have to update the pulse audio settings as per this post.

Purism 14 Audio crackling

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I have this same problem. I’m new to Qubes, so not sure how to do a lot yet. If there’s something I can provide about this problem, please let me know.
Things I can confirm: 4.1.2 rc1; problem existed before and after updated to latest kernel.

Read from this point forward (or whole topic, why not). It might help

I’ve tried the suggestions in the Media TS guide… no change in behavior, still stuttering initially then eternal spin.

Thx I’ll give it a shot.