WSL on W10 Qube


Is it possible to run Windows Subsystem Linux on Windows 10 Qube? So far I’m struggling to modify Qubes to allow use nested vt because this might be solution of the problem. Maybe some knows any trick to run Ubunut/Kali on WSL on W10 Qube?

Would that require nested virtualization, which isn’t supported, if you are running WSL with XEN?

I have only used native WSL, but I think it used both Hyper-V and VT-x.

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Yes it needs nested virtualization to start.

I belive this might be helpful but I am not sure if the paths are still the same because this workaround refers to Qubes 4.0 I think. On 4.1.2 stable I don’t have access to modify etc and I can’t even find qubes/templates folder.

  1. create a file (as root) in dom0:/etc/qubes/templates/libvirt/xen/by-name/[name of your windows hvm qube].xml
  2. Override the default CPU feature flags so that it passes your CPUs virtualization support to the guest (default is to explicitly disable):
{% extends 'libvirt/xen.xml' %}
{% block cpu %}
<cpu mode='host-passthrough'>
    <feature name='svm' policy='optional' />
    <feature name='vmx' policy='optional' />
{% endblock %}
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Run VMs in Proxmox in QubesOS (Crashes)

That is probably the best guide, but Xen doesn’t seem to have great support for running a nested hypervisor.

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Don’t bother with trying this