Windows Camouflage for Qubes

Okay, I see it, but it’s still not showing up. I created these directories at the highest level on the drive in dom0. Is that right or should this be a subdirectory somewhere in the file system?

still don’t see them

They were meant to be in your home directory … something like
/home/user/.themes in case you choose the username ‘user’ when
installing Qubes OS.

Fortunately there is a really easy way to find out: if you just type
‘cd’ in the terminal without anything else and hit return you will be in
your home directory.

You can then also type ‘pwd’ and hit return and you will see the full
path of your home directory.

To fix your particular issue:

  1. change to your home directory
  2. move the .themes directory to your home

like this:

sudo mv /.themes .

sudo gives root rights, ‘mv’ means “move”, ‘/.themes’ is ‘.themes’ in
the root directory ‘/’ and the dot at the end means ‘here’ because you
are already in your home directory after previously doing the ‘cd’



Lots of commands being learnt here.

In my post I said ~/.themes - that tilde ~, has a special meaning. It
means the home directory.
So for the root account ~ means /root
For default Qubes user ~ means /home/user/

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It’s interesting but does it contain Camouflaged lock screen and decrypting screen ?

I have discovered this yesterday and I just wanted to add that if you want to use this theme when running apps with sudo, you have to copy both dirs to /root as well


Open to a dis functional Windows Screen, which requires Key Combination to bring up a place to enter a Password.

Wait, how to enter disk Password without giving away. . . ??

So Need a Windows Splash screen too. ??

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What should I have to do in order my minimal templates (both fedora and debian) to have this theme and icons applied (in thunar/nautilus, terminal and other few apps installed in minimals)?