Will Qubes OS support 4 monitors?

Hi dear, i have 4 monitors, and I don’t know if Qubes will be able to use them freely, if there will be any bugs, etc. If so, what is the maximum number of monitors available for Qubes?

You can search on this forum for information. There are some reports that it’ll work but not for every configuration:

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We don’t know if all 4 are external, or if you have laptop (which we also don’t know) and t’s monitor is counted in those 4 as well.
I have a laptop with NVIDIA dGPU, and what I tried because I don’t have 4 monitors in total is that I got HDMI, mDP and USB-C-to-HDMI output to the same TV at the same time. With laptop, that’s 4, I’m counting so.

If daisy chaining, I learned that it depends on hardware too.