Multiple Monitors

Hi! Please help me make sure I understand the following and correct me where needed.

I’m building a new computer and this is a good time for me to switch to Qubes. I have used it enough to test and use to understand it and I like it. The new computer I am building will be able to support 6 monitors and I want to connect 6 monitors. I will be using a Nvidia GPU that supports 4 monitors and connect 2 more via a daisy chain.

Will Qubes support multiple monitors with a GPU?

If not, will Qubes support multiple monitors using the available ports on the motherboard along with however many I can daisy chain?

Any suggestions welcomed. Thank you for any help I can get.

I run 4 monitors with an AMD card. I tried to get an 2 different Nvidia cards working, but no dice.

Thanks for the info! I may give it a try and see what happens…do the drivers for the GPU need to be installed in dom0? Do you know of any instructions for this?