Why is the Qubes OS architecture PDF document outdated?

Why Qubes-OS team doesn’t update the architecture document? It is for 2010!
Any idea?

Thank you.

Oddly similar question asked just a month ago on the qubes-users mailing list. Find it here.

In summary:

I think it’s mainly lack of necessity and lack of time.

We prefer to focus our limited time and resources on the things that will provide the greatest real, practical security benefit for our users in their everyday lives, whereas such a document would be more of a “nice to have” thing.

– Andrew David Wong (Community Manager, Qubes OS)

That arch spec PDF is for historical interest only. If you want the latest information, see the rest of the System Documentation. I thought my last doc update made this clear, but apparently not enough. I’ve just pushed another update that attempts to be even more explicit about it.


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