Whonix Workstation problem

When I start a Whonix workstation, no application opens via the main menu. My only solution is to open an application and use the qube manager’s tray system to open a terminal or file manager. Sometimes the file manager doesn’t even open. It only does this with the whonix, the rest works normally.
Everything is up to date. I created a new Whonix Qubes without changing any parameters, same thing. Temporary Whonix doesn’t have this problem.

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The problem is with Qubes OS. Shortcuts from the main menu of Qubes OS don’t work, while from the status bar of Qubes Manager, launching doesn’t cause any problems.

I would try refreshing the applicatiom menu.

Qubes Manager > qube > Settings > Applications > Refresh applications

If you’ve got stale entries in the list, I suppose they may show up in the application menu but be ineffective.

I’m not sure when applications entries become stale, but I know it can happen in some (perfectly normal) circumstances.