Qubes-Whonix related questions

There are lots of questions asked here that properly belong into ‘Qubes-Whonix’ over at the Whonix forums.

Or do they? I can see the other argument too: Whonix comes with the Qubes OS installer and the questions almost always have a relevance / connection to Qubes OS.

I am wondering if we want to send people to the Whonix forum or of we maybe want to start our own ‘Qubes-Whonix’ category.

Not sure about any of this or if anything needs to be done.


i think create our own is the best

i got another ideal but i don't know if it possible with discourse at all

create our own and sync with whonix forum

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I recently asked a whonix-related question regarding my Qubes setup. I considered posting on the qubes-whonix forum but, honestly, I couldn’t help but notice that replies there are measured in days rather than hours. It also seemed to be relatively ‘on-topic’ here, so I posted here.

Just give the word and I will gladly take future whonix issues over there. That certainly seems reasonable.

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@necker, please don’t get confused by the timing of my post. I am thinking about this for a long time and it has nothing at all to do with your question.

In general when folks are asking Debian, Fedora or general Linux questions we often point out that these questions are not specific to Qubes OS and answers can be found in many places. However, in almost all cases the community provides an answer anyway. Something I found so useful, that I even proposed the “All around Qubes” category explicitly to benefit from the knowledge and spirit of the Qubes OS community even if the question is not strictly related to Qubes OS.

I think with Whonix the two communities overlap even more. I have no idea how many people use Whonix without Qubes OS and hence how much community is out there that isn’t also part of our community. I am fine with how it is now, just wondering if there is some potential to get faster/better answers. Also it is obvious that the Whonix project spent a lot of energy documenting answers. Quite impressive.

So I am not proposing anything, just evaluating to see how other see this and if they have ideas how to improve it.


@Sven Ahh, I see. Well, to make matters more confusing for me, I initially started using Qubes 3.2 a few years ago with zero experience using Linux. Yeah. I know. But I did eventually figure it out enough to use it as a daily driver for brief period. Then I started using a Debian system and now I’m back to using Qubes again. My point is that it took a while for me to diagnose problems specifically as Debian, Fedora, Whonix, etc. To me, it was all Qubes. Even dom0 is essentially Xen. Qubes itself is like an invisible hand that brings it all together. More Zen than Xen. :smiley:

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Good question.

@adrelanos, do you or any other folks at the Whonix forum have an opinion about this?


My Assumption: It’s not useful to encourage users ask questions all over the place and then low probability of quality answers or even insecure/malicious advice.

Due to constraints, many support requests unspecific to Whonix ™ have to be redirected elsewhere (outside of whonix.org website) as per the Free Support Principle. To keep things manageable for me as developer, to help as many users as possible or at least help users to help themselves as much as possible, a lot write-ups have been added to the Whonix wiki to explain that.

The main guidance for Qubes-Whonix users is What to post in this Qubes-Whonix forum and what not. - Qubes-Whonix - Whonix Forum.

So I as maintainer of Qubes-Whonix would prefer if everything directly specific to Qubes-Whonix or Whonix should be posted in Qubes-Whonix forums at whonix.org or Whonix forums at whonix.org. That’s where me replying has highest probability as it would be hard/impossible to track lots of other places (Qubes forums, Qubes mailing list, reddit, qubes-issues on github when I am not tagged and Whonix tag is missing).


@adrelanos requested to send people directly to the Whonix documentation and if that fails to the forums.

I think that’s an excellent solution. Many questions do have an answer in the Whonix documentation and it’s good practice to send people there in case their question can be answered this way. Same goes for Qubes OS questions and respective documentation too obviously.

If there is no obvious solution in the documentation we can send people to the Whonix forums.

I think it would be a good idea for some of the ‘leaders’ here to also monitor the Whonix forums or at least the ‘Qubes-Whonix’ category there.


Thanks for your thoughts. This is more or less what I’ve been doing:

  1. Send people to the whonix wiki
  2. If they don’t find it post one the whonix forums

Off-topic, Discourse is showing this above Patrick’s post:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen adrelanos — their last post was 8 years ago.

TIL Patrick is a time traveler. :thinking: