Which Qube and how to set-up using an Ethernet connected NAS

Apologies for coming up with noob questions. My goal is to connect a Buffalo Linkstation NAS (LS-WXL288) with Ethernet port to my Qubes with most ease. I have read some posts on the topic of “NAS, file sharing, mounting, Template VS AppVM” (see also referenced below).

However they are often very advanced or not 1:1 to my situation and I am stuck with beginner questions. And I hope to get some guidance from you.

1. Template / App VM
On which Template / AppVM am I trying to set up access best with an Ethernet port to mount the NAS?

My initial thoughts: TemplateVM would be ideal, as I should then have access to all Qubes based on it.
Should I clone a TemplateVM or is it ok using an existing TemplateVM? I d have to add the Ethernet port device on the template, which is usually not foreseen?
On the AppVMs the settings are always lost. Unless I make files persistent https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/bind-dirs/. However, the settings seem very advanced, I may still have to try my hand.
Add on question: Would I always have to use HVM? Otherwise I have problems adding the Eth device. By default PVM is deposited, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

2. Mounting
I d like to have full access on the NAS and not just mount a single Media drive of it. For PC and Mac it is foreseen to install a software (LinkNavigator). I could not find any software / packages for Debian / Fedora etc.
I am aware the file management is not comparable to PC. I just seek s solution to get full folder access to my NAS to get access to documents, videos, pictures and to store Qube backups etc
I assume the “setting up Ethernet-connected printer” thread is not much of help since the solution uses the Printer Settings? https://forum.qubes-os.org/t/help-setting-up-ethernet-connected-brother-printer-scanner/4789
The following threads were also not too much of a help for me :frowning: Storage Qube, Sharing Folder NAS, Mounting Buffalo Linkstation Ubuntu, Buffalo Linkstation for Linux Backup

I am aware there is never a clear a) or b) answer, but I d welcome some guiding directions / recommendations. Again, apologies when asking beginner questions. They are not to me :wink:

Any hints are VERY welcome. Thank you

Just to link the posts which you have probably already read (I don’t know enough here unfortunately):

templatevm shouldn’t used to running anything
it better to use hvm or standalone in this case

No need to apologize. Learning is a process and we all go through it :wink: Welcome to the community!

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