What's the state of VR support on qubes?

Basically, is anyone using VR headset here? For specific VM (passing a port to VM) or for whole system (how?). Vive Pro and Valve Index are known for best (among other) linux support.

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Unless you do GPU passthrough to a VM, I imagine VR performance would be rather terrible since Qubes by default only does software-based rendering.


Even with GPU passthrough, it’d likely be a puke-fest due to lag, I think:

Since everything is run in VMs, you’d get your desired framerate, but there would probably be a delay, and for VR, due to the importance of synchronizing perceptions with movements, this translates to a gap between motion and feedback.

For example, you swivel your head, but the screen starts moving later than yours and stops later due to the VM overhead and other complications. The result is motion sickness due to the mismatch between your perceptions and your motion. If you have experience in VR, you likely know what I’m talking about. Some people can adapt, but I bet they’re the minority.

If I’m right with my assumption that VMs introduce lag, then Qubes is by its very nature incompatible with VR and other lag-sensitive tasks.


Not technically-trained; consume with salt; corrections appreciated

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