What to do to restore the top panel?

When I run * xfce4-panel --restart I get the message:

Failed to restart the panel
The name is not activatable

What to do to restore the panel?

Please help.

Without providing a context, I can only guess this question is about this issue.

If I’m right, then press Alt + F4 on the desktop, logout and login back. It should reappear, although there may be some glitches related to icons - instead of those colorful sanitized application icons, generic colorful qube icons may be appearing.

If I’m wrong, then please, shed some more light on the matter.

Have you tried this:

and this:

Thank you friends.

The panel appeared back on its own. :person_gesturing_ok:

Right click anywhere on the desktop, then open a terminal.

Run this:

xfce-panel &

This starts the panel and detaches it from the terminal. Without the &, it will crash when you close the terminal.

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