What is the qubes.3isec.org website?

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what is 3isec sorry if this should be intuitive I’m a bit new to qubes

it’s a site developed by @unman, one of the qubes team.
you can build manually if you don’t trust him, or upgrade to r4.1 if you want ‘official’ community support.

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https://qubes.3isec.org is a scratch site that I use to distribute stuff
relating to Qubes.
Some of this I publicise in the lists and Forum.

I’ve used it to distribute templates: minimal templates before they
were included in the official repositories; Kali and Parrot for 4.0, and
4.1; Ubuntu templates because Qubes wont provide them.

I also host repositories with Qubes packages for Ubuntu, Arch, and
some other stuff. Most of it is material that may end up in official
repositories: maybe not.

All repositories, and packages are signed with my Qubes signing key
I always try to do the Right Thing™

The site and contents are not endorsed by Qubes in any way.