What does the core Qubes team need help with?

I’ve reviewed https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/contributing/.

While I’m sure all help is appreciated, is there anything in particular where community contributions are needed the most?

To be more specific, for Release 4.1, what type of help is most needed from the community?

To get a sense for that, it’s probably best to be actively contributing to the codebase and working closely with the devs. That kind of information tends to trickle through and become apparent from what’s going on, which is constantly changing. However, to provide you with a specific list (which, again, can easily get out of date as things are quickly changing), here are all the “help wanted” issues on the 4.1 milestone:

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Even if you don’t write code, one very helpful thing to do is test the 4.1 release and write good bug reports:

This is always helpful!

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Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I just joined the forum :slight_smile:.

As a Qubes developer myself, I often find myself wondering what users actually want from Qubes OS. I can (and do) come up with numerous ideas to make Qubes better, but there could very well be a disconnect between what would make Qubes better for me, and what would make Qubes be better for others. This is especially true for the UI, which is not at all my area of expertise. Having more feedback on what users find difficult would be incredibly helpful.

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One thing that always comes to my mind in this context is support for MS Windows VMs. While Qubes Windows Tools for Qubes R4.0 is quite satisfactory, the current state for R4.1 still has some deficiencies, so the migration from a Windows environment to Qubes R4.1 is not yet possible. And Windows users desperately need a way to move from this system to a real OS!

For the current state, see e.g. Testing Windows and QWT in R4.1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.