What computer do you want QubesOS to work on?

Due to how picky QubesOS seems to be with what computers it is compatible with and to what degree, I thought I’d start this thread where we can share what we would like the distro to be able to work with.

Just describe the name of your machine, whether it is a laptop or desktop
along with your desired specs.

I’ll start off…

My preferred laptop would be something from System76
I’m looking to buy a high-end BonoboWS for mobile productivity with an Intel i9-10900K (the best CPU available, as of now) and NVIDIA RTX 2080; as well as a Lemur Pro, for if I need to use the internet on the go, with an Intel i7-1165G7. Both laptops use Coreboot and have Intel ME disabled or removed.


I think the same. I need 17" monitor so Librem is out of scope. One question is thou is anyone know how bright the screen is in System76? I need to work outdoors and need bright display. Currently I have Acer Aspire Nitro V which has 350 cd/m2 and I am looking for something at least that bright.

as well as a Lemur Pro, for if I need to use the internet on the go, with an Intel i7-1165G7.

Seconded. I tried to install on a Lemur Pro - it’s a no go so far. I suspect it’s an issue with the 11th-gen processor; I’m still waiting to see if anyone here has any insight.

But I’ve heard reports that the 4.1-alpha release does work on 10th-gen processors (or at least, installs – no guarantees about other issues, especially with an NVIDIA card).

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Purism developed Librem 14 in the same form-factor as earlier Librem 13. I believe that they will soon present Librem 16 as an upgrade of Librem 15. It probably won’t be 17" but 16" though. I’m waiting for it.

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It would be great to see more support on Tiger Lake processors as well as nVidia RTX cards on System76, Tuxedo Computer & other Clevo/Sager laptops. The Gazelle & Oryx Pro are my preferred choices. Both models are now on Gen 11.

Is there an ETA on 4.1 Stable? Has anyone tried 4.1.0 RC1?

There’s no 4.1.0 RC1 yet, it’s still in beta. The beta works well - the only issue I had was suspend not working, but this was fixed over the weekend. Window titlebars are still ugly, though.

I like system76 as well, but it currently not shipped to my country :’(
I’m confident enough that even with newer hardware, if there’s no problem with other linux disto, it will worked on qubes too “with small config and testing”.

slightly late but


Thank you!

I also like Purism’s Librem 14, but wish it has a Gen 11 processor and a better screen refresh rate considering what you are paying for. In addition, the laptop only supports 1 NVMe unless you downgrade the battery to 3-Cell. Seems the 4-Cell covers the 2nd NVMe slot. On the positive side you can get the laptop configured with Qubes OS as well as adding anti-interdiction services. I also like how the laptop has manual kill switches for the webcam & mic, BlueTooth & WiFi. I am waiting to see if they release another model or go with System76 products.

Has anyone tried importing VMware VMs or perhaps installing VMware workstation on dom0 if that’s even possible? I have seen talk about VirtualBox, but not VMware Workstation. I have a lot of VMs and it would be great to get those working on this platform.

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that won’t be possible (any time soon) because many thing

it possible but extreme dangerous because vmware is 3rd party proprietary software
it better to install it on a untrusted templatevm and create appvm based on it