VM's won't start - LVM Metadata reached 100%

If I run sudo lvs | head my Data% is at 95.79% and Meta% at 100%.
Basically my disk space is now almost full and I can’t open any other VM’s, or delete them.
I can start Qubes, can use the Terminal, but that’s it.
I get the same errors as this user here

I tried Qubes Disk Troubleshooting guide, but it doesn’t work since I can’t delete anything, I’ll get the same error that user was having in the first link.

And I also tried this user’s comment Thin pool running out of disc space (SSD) - #4 by kommuni but it didn’t work, it returns the same error the user from the first link gets.

I don’t see any other choice left for me, but to copy my ssd (256gb) to a bigger one (512gb) using dd command or clonezilla.
Will that work? My qubes is encrypted by the way.