Recover Data from Qubes SSD

I can’t use the Qubes Backup official tool since my Metadata is now at 100%, so I can’t copy any files, or delete them. My system is more like “read only”.

I want to transfer all my VM’s to my new SSD which I installed Qubes on it, but how should I do this?

So far I used a Linux Live distro to dd clone my old SSD to my new and bigger SSD, but it also cloned the full metada 100% problem, no bueno.

I didn’t know how to resize the fullmetada from a linux live (if that’s even possible) so I installed Qubes on the new SSD, and I’m trying to find out how to restore the qubes vm’s from the old SSD to my new one.
If it’s possible to do that, let me know.
Read more about my problem here VM's won't start - LVM Metadata reached 100%

I’ve managed to unencrypt the drive with a linux live, and that’s about it.

Is it possible to transfer/backup the VM’s from the old SSD and restore them to the fresh SSD Qubes installation? All from Linux Live? (since I can’t use Qubes Backup tools)