USB won't reboot when I remove then replace on laptop

USB download works fine on laptop-but I have to leave it attached-if I remove and replace no Qubes on bios to reboot

should be usual behaviour, if you just have set it to the exact name (of the USB device) in bios.
Can you probably set the boot settings to somethings simpler like “USB device” or are you only able to set a “attached/working USB device” on first boot

I have the same problem, I installed Qubes on an external SSD and used it normally. Yesterday, I wanted to boot Windows and removed the USB SSD while the PC was completely powered off. After replugging the Qubes OS entry isn’t appearing in the ROG BIOS Boot Menu (F8) or in the actual UEFI. What can I do to boot into my working Qubes install? Even Windows recognizes the partitions of Qubes OS.
Our issue seems to be related to Qubes suddenly cant boot anymore from external drive. Does that solve your problem? It describes the same situation of an installation on an external drive. Seems to be a firmware problem of our PCs. I will try it myself and report back.

I can herewith confirm that the way described in the forum link i posted earlier creates a fully functional entry in the BIOS which doesn’t get deleted at replug only the name in the BIOS is changed to UEFI OS. Try the steps and you will manage to solve the problem. Only one thing: When using efibootmgr you have to use \ instead of / like in Microsoft’s SpyOS.

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