USB to Windows 10 VM does not work

I have created a Window VM (4GB RAM and 40GB hard disk) and installed it with ISO. Everything worked fine, installed the one application I need for my work, everything was great. Now I wanted to import the backup via USB and it does not work. When I insert a USB stick then on devices comes an error message:
“Attaching device (USB-Device) to Windows is failed: Qubes Error - Domain Windows qrexec not connected”.

Okay, now I have moved all devices with the name “USB controller” to “Devices always connected to this ube” in the settings of the VM. That were 3 pieces.
When I have activated this, an error message comes up when I start the VM with: “Got empty response from qubesd. See journalctl in dom0 for details”.

The VM stops with a yellow dot and I can’t start or stop it, nothing works.
Question to the “advanced”, what can I do so that my Windows Qube takes my USB stick and I can work with the data?

Thanks for your help

You can enable Windows USB integration:

You don’t need to update with current-testing, you just need to enable feature for your Windows qube in dom0 terminal:

enable feature to windows qube
qvm-features [windows qube] stubdom-qrexec 1

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Okay, great thanks. Worked wonderfully, I can now use the Windows as I need it, thanks for that.

But I still have a question, it’s about the Windows Tools. I downloaded them from the Dom and started them with the virtual CD, but on the virtual CD there is only a text file with the message Qubes Windows Tools are currently unavaiable due to security concerns.
See for details

I don’t know why there is no installer on the virtual CD. Do I need the Windows Tools at all? Since my USB works now, printer works I have already tested, would still have to test scanner but if all that works do I still need to install the tools? If so why does it not work?
Thank you.

You can still install it if you really need it:

Only if you need additional Qubes OS integration features in WIndows like clipboard/file sender/receiver between VMs:

Why you can’t easily install QWT right now? It’s because of security concerns as described in your link to QSB-091 so users are notified of possible issues and don’t blindly install it without being aware of it.

okay, thank you. Since I don’t need these options, I’ll leave my Windows VM as it is.
I would like to thank you for your quick help, this gives me the opportunity to learn how to use Qubes even as a beginner and foreign speaker. Thank you