Usb storage problem

I delete the data on the usb during installation, but it is not deleted so I can’t add storage space help please

I clean the disk but it doesn’t clean I don’t understand

I’m plugging a 500gb hdd, it’s empty but it looks full, i delete it, still nothing changed

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Can you share a bit more about what you are trying to do? - like is it a new or an old installation? I have an assumption, but I prefers to know, rather than guessing … :wink:


Right - so you are in the process of installing Qubes on a USB drive (?) … is it the 4.1.2 release?

It’s been a while since I had an installer running … but I do recall having issues selecting the right options in the right order, to reclaim space … something with selecting the drive, click done, select reclaim space, delete all and then click done (?)


unfortunately it didn’t work :frowning:

yes 4.1.2

it didn’t work :frowning:

Okay - I located a 4.1.2rc1 installer and did the following:

  • Started the installer (selecting kernel-latest)
  • Inserted a USB-stick to install Qubes on
  • Selected “System - Installation Destination”
  • Selected the USB stick, and clicked Done
  • Selected an passphrase for the drive and clicked “Save passphrase”
  • Clicked “Reclaim space”
  • Clicked “Delete all”
  • Clicked “Reclaim space”

and was back at selecting “Time & Date” + “User Creation”. What happens when you try that?

I’m getting this error, even I erased the disk, the disk is not erased, I formatted the disk 10 times, it seems full again

Right - “failed to save storage configuration” seems to be an anaconda error message - I’ve not had that myself … but Google suggest someting like:

“error checking storage configuration” . I went into the setup and set the system reserve partition through the centos installer to standard partition and then mounted it with /boot/efi. I did not reformat it and I still got the same results. As this was puzzling me, I started thinking if this had something to do with the Secure Boot. :roll: Turns out it had to do with the settings of the CSM (Compatability Support Module). The launch CSM was set to Enabled so I switched it to “AUTO”. The message “error checking storage configuration” went away and I am now able to continue with the installation.

is that by any chance related to you machine?

I will try it, thank you very much for your interest, with love from turkey :heart:



To do so, follow the below steps. (Formatting the disk is not needed.)

it didn’t work

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after delete all partitions.
Save the changes made: type w then enter.
Then reboot.

I’ve updated the missing step.

If you contact me on my telegram address, I can send you a video.

telegram : jack_walter0

The fdisk method should works.
Did you try again with the w command before rebooting ?

I cleaned the disk but it still won’t accept

Where are that disk. oO

You should have answer that question earlier. :wink:

  • Storage: 32 GB free space

Maybe that the problem ?