Qubes os does not allow claim from sdd disk

I’m trying to install version 4.10 but it says I have 1mb out of 480gb
After that it says error after I made a claim for storage
I also tried on the main ssd and it didn’t work again

Delete the partition table with fdisk.
Boot to your Qubes OS install usb:

  • choose rescue mode instead of install Qubes OS.
  • wait a bit and choose the third option: Skip to shell
  • (run fdisk -h to see all commands and theirs descriptions).
  • run fdisk -l to locate your disk.
  • run fdisk /dev/nvme0n1 to choose a disk.
    (replace /dev/nvme0n1 with your disk)
  • delete all partitions (1 by 1): type d then enter. repeat.
  • save changes made: type w then enter.
  • reboot and install Qubes.

If you don’t have the rescue mode option, you can open a shell with
Ctrl + Alt + F2 into the installation wizard.

Had you installed a prior version of Qubes on that SSD? I had issues with this in the past and the solution was to format the disk manually as @szz9pza suggested above.

Technically, the disk is not formated, we delete the partition table.
Some kind of index to tell the OS where are the partitions (and therefore data).
Without it, for the OS, the disk is just empty (but the data are still there).