USB of 4.2RC3 does not start on Librem 13 V2

Should I say, it dumps out to console.

Formatted on USB with 2.0, FAT 32, with Balena Etcher on Windows 10.

I guess I can get a Qubes 4.2 from the end of July 2023. Then let it Update.

I thought someone would recognize the symptom.

If you installed on multiple SSDs that is a symptom. I can fill this forum with bugs from ipv6 to trying secure boot (Signature not found in secure database ‘db’). Take a deep breath and watch Flashdance 7:47. It helps me deal with this type of things…

My current solution was to use the Qubes 4.2 from August 8, 2023, which the computer recognizes and installs. Then I ran update. Although, still. I ran an up of dom0. Downloaded a bunch, went off to think about it. Seemed to install something. Then said it did not install anything. Update would not find anything else for dom0 to install. ??? Fedora 38 did an update. Whonix would not start Tor, or update.

Updating is a bit of difficulty for me. I have to go to the public library for internet connection, as the only internet I have at home is from my phone’s hotspot. So I have not tried everything. I can install the Qubes 4.2RC3 on some other computers. Guessing it has something to do with the USB key being written to GUID instead of MBR. or is it, UEFI instead of MBR.

I can’t afford to pay for Flash Dance. Good age for Jennifer Beals.

I had hoped my problems with the latest Qubes would be solved, or apparent by a later install.

Qubes 4.3 RC4 likewise is not much seen by Librem 13V2.

I did get one of my installs, from Rufus to give me a repeating something, in the short version:
It seems the boot has failed possible causes include missing inst.boot2 or inst.repo
please note that the ‘inst.’ prefix is now mandatory
installer errors encountered during boot
/lib/dracut/hooks/initqueue/timeout/ /run anaconda in

anaconda installer errors end
dracut-initqueue timeout, still waiting for the following initqueue hooks:
/lib/dracut/hooks/initqueu/finished/devexists-\x2dev\ "[ -e "/dev/ro/
lib/dracut/hooks/initqueue/finished/ "[ -f /tmp/settle.done ]
dracut-initqueue: starting timeout scripts

Then this all over again. and again.

usually a successful boot into a linux USB hesitates near, searching for kernel

The other message, from my usual means of putting Qubes onto a USB key, says searching for sdb. When I think it is supposed to be looking for sda. Keys created like this work to install on other laptops. So I am guessing it is a PureBoot problem or something to do with UEFI.

I have seen on the Purism forum someone else with a Librem 13 having problems starting Qubes after Qubes 4.2RC2

I tried to upgrade from Qubes 4.2 from about August 8, which I successfully did before. Then Updats stopped working. Guessing I have not deciphered which repositories I should be using. Decided it would be cleaner to to a reinstall from August 8 Qubes from the weekly testing.

I am not anxious to try to put information into dom0 as to where the correct repositories are now. Not that I have read through all the documentation on how to do that yet.

I have two drives in the Librem 13 V2. I know that previously trying to add something Linux to the slower drive seemed to create problems. I could ask my computer store to unplug one of the two drives. But it is not free.

I find it likely someone else has solved this. ???

Or I just have to wait for the documentation to catch up with 'how to solve advice"