Usb hard drive not accessable in my general use qube

Hi there everyone. Me again with another question/begging for help lol

I am having difficulty getting my usb external hard drive to work with my general use qube (or any other actually).

I plug it in and it shows up in the widget on the top bar. I attach it to the qube that I want and it gives me the messages that it’s now attached. I go to the files of my chosen qube to access the drive but it’s not there.

One odd thing about this is that the first time I tried to use it it worked just fine and I was able to use the drive but every time since I’ve had no luck.

Specific Info:
I’m using the debian 11 qube to try to access the drive
I was not given the option to create a sys-usb during the system install (I have read that this might have something to do with it, possibly because I’m using a usb keyboard and mouse)
I’ve tried to create a sys-usb qube following the official documentation on the website and this failed with a: Dom0 configuration failed, not continuing (this was from running the first command on the site)

Thanks in advance for any help

If a block device isn’t automatically mounted after attaching you need to mount it manually:

I don’t remember it ever automatically mounting for me using default Qubes OS templates without some custom configuration that would enable automatic mounting.

Did you try this command:

sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.usb-keyboard

From this guide?

For some reason just after I sent my post I noticed it had appeared and is working fine now. Perhaps I need to be patient and let it settle down?

Yes that was the one. It wasnt having it

Maybe you opted to use sys-net for both networking and usb during Qubes OS install?

Yes! Now I’ve looked into it a bit more I can see that all my usb devices have a sys-net tag on them in the widget. I assume this isn’t the best way of doing it? It was set up for me by the installer like this.

I’ll read that threat you’ve linked and go from there. Many thanks

Use sys-net qube for both networking and USB devices: You should select this option if you rely on a USB device for network access, such as a USB modem or a USB Wi-Fi adapter.