Upload backed up Qubes to cloud?

I would like to backup my encrypted Qube backups to a single VM and then have that VM upload somewhere. So ideally that VM would run in the background and minimize resources while uploading. Ideally would only upload changes. Is there something a la Crashplan that would install/run easily on a out-of-the-box template VM and has a decent UI? I was trying with Crashplan and Syncthing but they both seem to be a little complicated for me to run. I backup at such intervals that I always have to lookup what the heck I am doing because I cannot remember from the last time I used lol. I would be fine with a paid service. Ideally would be a paid service coupled with open source software.

I think there are two components to this question:

  • Backing up
    We had a similar discussion that you may want to check out: Qubes Backup is Slow. In particular there we have references to what the progress in making backups incremental.

  • Syncing to cloud
    On this second point there isn’t really anything Qubes specific, so I would direct you towards looking at other forums for this issue. However, if you’re thinking of using syncthing, I’d recommend your read this one Syncthing in Qubes-OS

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