Upgrading Qubes + Templates


What is the best way to upgrade Qubes from within an existing Qubes installation; the documentation is a bit confusing. Also the best way to upgrade the debian and fedora templates without losing custom configs if possible.

Thank you

Not sure what you mean by upgrade. Do you mean upgrading for Qubes 4.1 when it’s ready? if that’s the case see the following:

Can you specify the documentation page and what specifically you found confusing? (so it can be improved)

This is a bit different. My suggestion would to be start a new topic to address this. Otherwise the conversations may get tangled.

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The documentation doesn’t really state if its safe to upgrade at this time and if there’s a single dom0 command to upgrade it or if it needs to be installed manually.

You still havent said what you mean by upgrade - if you mean upgrade to
4.1, that is still in testing and the upgrade documentation not
If you mean upgrade from install to latest stable version, just run
sudo qubes-dom0-update in dom0

You still haven’t specified which documentation page you’re referring to.

Take a look at this page:

What about it is unclear?