Upgrading Fedora 33 minimal template

It’s been a while, but last time I tried to upgrade a Fedora minimal template, it tried to do a full upgrade, akin to a standard Fedora template from the repos, i.e. lots of additional packages.

Is it possible to upgrade to Fedora 34 minimal manually?

@marmarek wrote in Fedora 34 template · Issue #6568 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

I haven’t tested in-place upgrade either, but in theory it should work.

As I can see now, the template is uploaded to testing repos, so no need to upgrade in my case.

sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-templates-itl-testing qubes-template-fedora-34-minimal

Updates in the template should be possible after adding the current-testing repo within the template.

If I did want to do an upgrade-in-place, wouldn’t using dnf distro-sync cause unnecessary packages to be installed? I’m not entirely clear on how distro-sync works and the man entry isn’t entirely clear.

As an aside, packages should stay up-to-date so long as we’re before 33’s EOL, correct?

distro-sync looks at all the enabled repositories, to find the latest
version available from them, and then tries to get your installed
packages to that version.
This means that some packages may be upgraded, some downgraded.
The effect will vary depending on whether you have changed which
repositories have been enabled.


Thanks for the clarification.

New packages can also be installed if they become dependencies of packages, correct?

I’m not completely au fait with fedora packaging, but I assume so.

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