(Update) How has your Qubes journey been?

Hi all! This is a follow-up to my original request for volunteers. I thank massively everyone who submitted the responses already. Unfortunately a problem with the survey outside of my control has corrupted them in a way that I’m not able to reach back to those who signed up (longer explanation bellow). This happened for all responses that were submitted on the survey.

So I would kindly ask you all lovely human beings to please resubmit it or re-share it. This is has been a huge blow for me and I hope you can understand and be willing to try again. Apologies to anyone affected.

The new method of registration is just by sending me an email saying you’re interested:

  • francisco.c.rocha [at] tecnico.ulisboa.pt (PGP key, if necessary)

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Technical Explanation

The university campus provides the lime survey software (FOSS) which I am using. For sensitive fields (aka. your contact information), I enabled the “encrypt” option, which essentially encrypts the values before storing on a database.

On an upgrade (minutes after the survey was released) the upgrade process overwrote the decryption keys to access your contact information. So the good news is that your data is still very much encrypted. The sad news it that it’s so secure that they can’t be used for me to contact back those who signed up originally. The service administrators have assured me this will not happen again.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by email for any additional explanation:

francisco.c.rocha [at] tecnico.ulisboa.pt (PGP key, if necessary)