Update bios with a recovery usb created in a Windows 10 VM

I want to use windows 10 to create a usb drive for updating the bios. Here is what I tried:

  1. Create a Windows 10 standalone VM
  2. Install Windows 10 to the VM
  3. Install qubes windows tool (QWT) to dom0, using the testing repository
  4. Install QWT to the Win10 VM and select all PV drivers (including those that are grayed out by default)
  5. Start the Win 10 VM and attach a usb drive to the VM
  6. Get blue screen of death (BSOD)
  7. Restart laptop
  8. Attach the usb drive to the VM as a block device, using the instruction here: Win 10 Pro hvm USB...BSOD SOLVED
  9. I don’t get BSOD but I can’t even format the usb drive with Windows 10.
  10. Try to create a recovery usb with the software for updating the bios. When the software ask me to select an usb drive, it can’t find any usb drive.

Does attaching a usb drive as a block device to Win 10 means I can’t even format the drive with Win 10?

How to make a recovery usb with a Win 10 VM?


Try usb-attach action instead of block-attach

qvm-usb attach Win10 sys-usb:2-3
Device attach failed: <date> <time> qrexec-client[X]: 
    qrexec-client.c:676:main: Failed to open data vchan connection

Check qvm-features Win10 stubdom-qrexec 1

and reboot Win10