Tuxedo Infinitybook S15 Gen. 7 / InfinityBook Pro 14 - Gen. 7 Compatibility?

Hi There,

I am looking for a lightweight portable notebook for q-os and stumbled upon the Tuxedo Infinitybook S15 Gen 7. & InfinityBook Pro 14 - Gen7 which both looks quite promising.

I could find the Gen 6. in the HCL which looked pretty good, unfortunately not available anymore.

Does anyone have any insights on compatibility?
Thank you very much!

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You’re probably going to have a lot of pain with 12th gen intel chips. I am struggling to get suspend working as expected on a Lenovo X1 Carbon witth tthe 1260P chip

thanks for the reply.
Yeah, thats unfortunate.

I am just trying to find a decent solution.
Super unfortunate that compatability is such a big issue.
Done so much research and I cant seem to find anything that works well out of the box and is somewhat modern.

I keep coming back to the librem 14 which is very high priced for what it is.
Also reading so many bad things about customer service & built quality makes me not want to pull the rigger.

I will keep digging!
Thank you for your insight!


I am trying to standardize on Lenovo and am 40+ hours deep into getting it working flawlessly, there are a number of workarounds needed but I am automating them. Please check my posts and see if they’re helpful to you, I have suspend working now.

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I would love to skip any automations and would still prefer a modern device mainly for portability.
I might end up going for a librem.

thank your for your time!