Tuxedo BU1506 fan noise too loud

Another random guess is maybe you need to import the keys locally and not to download them from the internet in repo file like this:
You can try to download and import the key in dom0 and then change the gpgkey to local file in repos e.g.:




how can I download the key in dom0? I have no wget.

Follow the steps described here:
You can download the keys in AppVM and copy them to dom0.

Trying it out

To test the water, we are making available a test repository, and a simple tool to access it.
The repository definition is:

[3isec-dom0-current] name = 3isec Qubes Dom0 Repository (updates) baseurl = https://qubes.3isec.org/rpm/r$releasever/current/dom0/fc32 skip_if_unavailable=False enabled = 1 metadata_expire = 6h gpgcheck = 1 gpgkey = file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-unman

Create a file in dom0 with this content at /etc/yum.repos.d/3isec-dom0.repo

All packages are signed with my Qubes OS Signing key.
You’ll need to get this from a keyserver, or two, to make sure all is fine:
keyserver.ubuntu.com or pgp.mit.edu

You can also check the Qubes users mailing list or look on github.

Once you have copies of the key, check the fingerprint:

gpg -n --import --import-options import-show unman.pub

replacing unman.pub with the path to the key.
The output should look similar to this:

pub rsa4096 2016-06-25 [SC] 4B1F 400D F256 51B5 3C41 41B3 8B3F 30F9 C8C0 C2EF uid [ unknown] unman (Qubes OS signing key) sub rsa4096 2016-06-27 [S] [expires: 2024-06-30] sub rsa4096 2016-06-25 [E]

In particular, check that the output from your command contains the fingerprint 4B1F 400D F256 51B5 3C41 41B3 8B3F 30F9 C8C0 C2EF

When you are happy, copy the key in to dom0:

qvm-run -p QUBE_WHERE_YOU_DOWNLOADED_KEY ‘cat PATH_TO_KEY’ > RPM-GPG-KEY-unman sudo mv RPM-GPG-KEY-unman /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/

Add the key to the rpm keyring:

sudo rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-unman

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ok, crazy! as it seems, I could install it after importing the gpg key manually. Thanks!
It works even without reboot!

So I have the icon of Tuxedo Control Center and it seems to control the fans! So will see, how good it works after some time.

Thanks a lot!!!

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just a feedback.
The fans are significantly quieter! With “cool and breezy” profile, I get really silent laptop and see no real performance losses.

So if somebody has Tuxedo and uses QubesOS, it makes sense to install the Tuxedo Control Center!

Could you make a short guide out of it. This would be great for the tux-community.

Hey, I just followed the official tutorial, nothing special.