Tuxedo BU1506 fan noise too loud

The fan noise of my Tuxedo BU1506 is rather high. It has i5 7th gen.
Is it just ‘normal problem’, or are there some points, that I can check, to make it less louder?
I’ve heard about thinkfan for thinkpads, but I think it has nothing to do with my Tuxedo, which runs on Clevo basis (N250BU).

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I think you’ll need to install this in dom0 to control fan:

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I think, thats the point. But as it seems, there is no install package for fedora. I contact the support of tuxedo, maybe they know some solution.

maybe I could try that?

You can try to install it in VM based on old fedora-32 template. Chances are you won’t be able to install it in old fedora-32 that is used by dom0 in Qubes OS 4.1.2.
In that case you can try to use Qubes OS 4.2 that has fedora-37 in dom0.

ah, thanks for the info!
Didn’t know that dom0 is still running the fedora 32.

Is there any info about the release date of stable Qubes 4.2?

No, release date is still to be determined.

ok, thanks. So, I suppose, I have to wait.