Trusted file conversion progress window

I need to convert a large number of pdfs and image files to trusted formats. Is there an efficient way to do this? Currently, I am limited to batches in a single file manager window. Once I initiate the process, file manager becomes inaccessible until that batch is complete.

Also, during the conversion of multiple files, as each successive disposable VM is spawned, a new progress window appears. I find this quite annoying because it will appear in the middle of the screen regardless of my active desktop and take over the focus of the window I am currently using. Is there a way to either disable the progress window or force it to say in the background as each new disposable VM is launched? I didn’t see any options in the policy settings to allow conversion without “asking”. The only setting appears to be for the dom0 get image command.

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Thank you for those links. So… the current status is, “Deal with it”? Blah. :confused:

I think the most important feature to add is a policy for the progress window - similar to how the qubes.Filecopy policy can be configured with “allow” to bypass the GUI window. The other issues raised in those threads are somewhat resolvable with a simple file manager search (i.e. search for *.pdf, select the results and convert to trusted pdf.) the real problem is the progress windows constantly stealing focus from other windows - including windows in other VMs!

Configure the windows not to steal focus - it’s a WM setting

  • run the batch conversion, and re-enable the setting.

Better - run qvm-convert-pdf at the command line - no progress windows.

The existence of these bugs means they should be fixed as soon as possible. However, the limited resources of Qubes developers do not allow to do this efficiently and quickly. The correct interpretation is

the current status is we need you help with these bugs.

In KDE, I assume you mean System Settings → Windows Management → Focus Stealing Prevention → “Extreme” - run the batch and then change the setting back to “Low”

My understanding of qvm-convert-pdf is that it only works for single files. Is there a way to use that command to batch convert? I don’t know… something like qvm-convert-pdf <appVM> /home/user/Documents/pdfs/* Or do I need to man up and learn how to write basic scripts? :smile:

If the project is relying on my technical abilities, we are all doomed. :laughing:

Something like qvm-convert-pdf <appVM> /home/user/Documents/pdfs/*
There’s a -b option to limit the number of conversions - I’ve not
used it.

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