Trouble getting earphones working

HI I have some trouble getting my earphones to work in Qubes. Earphones are attached through PC headphone jack. But don’t appear in dom0 pulseaudio manager. Thank you

Hi @John72612, welcome to the forum!

Do you see it in the device manager (little icon on the corner )

Hi @deeplow The device isn’t shown in the device manager, I have tried with multiple headphones and none show up. Thanks

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(Left-)Click on the volume control -> audio mixer -> output devices -> port -> […there should be ‘Headphones (plugged in)’]

Do you see anything there?

Hello @Raphael_Balthazar I have done what you have suggested and can indeed see headphones plugged into Built-in Audio Analog Stereo. After diagnosing a little more it was because I had muted it in the panel, so it now works as expected
Thank you very much for your help!

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