Top right panel disappeared during whonix-gw update on a fresh install

Fresh install of Qubes, in the process of updating the templates when during whonix-gw update the entire top right panel, which contained all the symbols for internet connection, etc, and sits adjacent to the account name, disappeared - a message popped up about audio being disabled - I then opened up Qubes Updater, and selected for whonix-gw/-ws to update. The updater then immediately closed.

I’ve used Qubes for awhile. I’m doing a fresh install for the upgrade from whonix 15 to 16. Never happened before and my laptop should be perfect for Qubes OS.

can you tell the detail when that happen?

It happened a couple days ago.
Why would that matter? Can you be more specific.

it seem all of there are happen in dom0

Anything in the dom0 logs? Try journalctl.

Can’t you add the Notification area and Actions Buttons back to the panel? It’s possible you clicked Remove when responding to the popup.

I have the panel centered at the bottom, row size 70, and a couple panels on the right and left if I need it.

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We’re you able to solve this ?

Here comes the rescue here too, :slight_smile: