To the devs, because have no github account - static xid

There are many guides and resources for sys-audio here, mostly informative and useful.
The most comprehensive are probably @augsch’s and @neowutran’s

Still, there are issues like this one that aren’t resolved so we could say, now it works once and for all.

From that issue it is clear that sys-audio’s xid can’t be picked by HVM via patch given in the guide.

The solution is simple: please bring back sys-audio’s xid to be static as it was until some point.

I can clearly recall that at the time I patched stubdom only once to enter static sys-audio’s xid instead of domid=0 (it was always like 1, or some low number) and never again, no matter how many and which restarts I took, and all win qubes worked flawlessly.

I know devs are rarely reading forum, and even more rarely responds, so is anyone willing to raise github issue on this on behalf of me and all other users having the same goal/issue, please? If so, please post link to it here, so future users could follow it.

Thanks in advance.

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I think, what determines the xid is the boot order. If you have only one qube to be autostarted, it’s xid is likely to be always 1. I doubt if static xid has ever existed.

Maybe you are right, but at least I had several qubes set to autostart and sys-audio always the same xid, I can recall. If I’d be to determine a moment when it started to happen, it was when it was changed logon screen to be shown before all autostart qubes were loaded…

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