The installation cannot continue qubes 4.1

X230 with heads boot and OSX qubes 4.0 already installed.

upgrade to 4.1 failing.

I chose “test this media and install qubes 4.1 isolinux…”

It completes the test.

But then gets stuck as shown in images below:

I end up in the anaconda shell.
So should i do anything specific?
I have installed qubes 4.0 before and it always worked whats different with 4.1?
(I never saw the anaconda installer before, but i read its supposedly okay).

Do i need to be connected to the internet?

Now it’s a black screen I pressed tab but nothing.

What year is your machine?

I am not sure how to tell that?
I am running core i7 vpro
With qubes 4.0 already installed.
It’s a regular thinkpad.

I think it will be some sort of IMOU problem for the machine does not want to run, or you disabled the Virtualization feature in the BIOS.

How do i turn off secure boot in heads boot? I am not on windows i am on a heads boot menu and so far i don’t see anything about a secure boot.

Okay so looking into the errors, i saw it noted

“Not asking for VNC because we don’t have a network.”

Does that mean anything?

I found a topic on this shown in link below:

But I dont know what parameters to add to the kernel that it mentions above.

There is no actual tutorial on any similar thinkpad to yours, but I think you need to go to BIOS by keep on pressing F1 key on the built-in physical keyboard.

SECURE tab → SECURE BOOT: OFF → press F10 to save and restart.

Oh so the bios is separate from the heads boot menu?

F1 didn’t bring anything.

Do i need to be connected to the internet?

I am trying qubes install with graphical isolinux… lets see what that does.

I guess you need to update heads:

Okay i updated the heads firmware.

Currently running 4.0
Heads boot is at the latest version 1.4

Installing qubes 4.1.1 stops with the error shown in the image below.

Warning: /dev/root does not exist.

It says a log file is made but i cant mount a usb to copy it out. Ill check if it is saved in recovery shell.
I am also going to try to install qubes 4.1 instead of 4.1.1 to see.

Edit: trying to install qubes 4.1 failed as well. Same dev/root error.

Should i wipe my drive and all partions before trying to install?

You can copy it to /boot partition after mounting it.

I think it’s better to first check the errors in rdsosreport.txt and look for them on this forum or in qubes and heads github issues.