The icons on the panel are missing

Good afternoon. Please tell me where the icons on the desktop could have disappeared, from the top right. Internet, usb, cub. Even when I’m welding the application. It disappears and his. Not to be found. Until you turn off the PC. And it pops up for a split second. Since it was open somewhere. What could be?

The settings for those icons are in System Tools > Panel > Items. From there you can add icons and change what’s visible.

If it’s not working properly you could try restarting it:

xfce4-panel --restart

Thanks for the reply. Tell me where the xfce4-panel is located to reboot. I clicked on System Tools" > “Panel” > I get an error

That’s the command you need to run in dom0 terminal.
But given the screenshot you provided, I doubt it will be of any use (still worth a try).

Also, check this out: [Bug]: [Bug]: xfce4-panel: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.xfce.Panel was not provided by any .service files · Issue #539 · termux/x11-packages · GitHub
Some solutions have been proposed:

  • I had to configure the execution of xfce4-panel in applications → settings → session & startup with flag --display=:0

  • remove the contents of $HOME/.config/xfce

    in this case it’s sensible to make a backup of that folder:

    mkdir ~/xfce-bak
    mv ~/.config/xfce/* ~/xfce-bak
  • The issue was resolved downgrading the library’s libvte, for a while until it will be patched we can get it from

The same issue is also mentioned here: Panel not showing up after update - #4 by franckyvee - XFCE - Manjaro Linux Forum

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Thanks for the help, everything worked out! Well explained))

you could get terminal via context menu on a dom0 desktop.