Thanks devs

I really appreciate what you’ve created with Qubes.

The blacklisting Apple has done against innocent Russians should wake us all up to how important projects like Qubes are… and the protectors of freedom the devs have become.

Rather than chasing the quick buck, and making another stupid game, you made something that spreads more freedom on the planet.

Karma is on your side.

I appreciate your work. I don’t think you hear that enough.

Please add DERO, ARRR, and ZEC (Z-address) to your donations page so we have some more uncensorable, untraceable ways to show our appreciation.


Thank you for your kind message :slight_smile:. It matters sometimes to know we do things that serves a purpose or at least, that helps people living their (digital) life minus the impression (a fact on some OS) that they are spied.


I second to that


I would also agree and love to say thanks! About a year ago I tried switching to Qubes but there was a handful of bugs that made it too difficult to use daily. I just got it set back up last week and man was I impressed to see literally every bug I encountered resolved. It’s been a smooth and wonderful experience and I can’t wait to continue using it every day for work and personal. Thanks team!


Yeah, thanks. And a little donation to Qubes os every now and then doesn’t hurt - how much is Qubes worth to each of us? To me I know it’s a lot!


I figured instead of starting a new thread, I would just add to this one here - THANK YOU DEVS.

Every now and then, it hits me that I enjoy using an OS that is dope as hell, super secure, and has a growing community of practice around it. I’m thankful for all of that. So to the devs, the mods, the bug-testers, the HCL maintainers and testers, and all the participants on this forum - THANKS.


See also :slight_smile: Need to express how much you love QubesOS 4.1? This is the place.


Qubes OS developers are awesome. Keep up the excellent work.