Need to express how much you love QubesOS 4.1? This is the place

QubesOS 4.1 is already blowing my mind. I want to grasp the lapels of strangers in the streets, shake them, and tell them about it.


I cannot use Bluetooth securely until a dedicated qube for sound is there. My internal microphone is not very good, so I am stuck with using another laptop exclusively for Internet communications.

So I am waiting very impatiently for the release of 4.1!

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Would love to know if there’s any other reports of a challenge setting up a Monero node in 4.1.

@helge and I have been discussing it over here . He did solve it, but I’m dead curious if the challenge lays with 4.1 as he suspects.

Do it. :wink: Tell strangers about it. That’s how good things spread.

I love Qubes so much that I bought 2 Laptops just to test it.

On my first laptop Lenovo T61 I had a Qubes 3.
Then v.4 came out and I bought a wrong Laptop, without VT-d, Fujitsu Lifebook E754 (900€) :sob:
Then I bought a new Laptop Legion Y540 (1200€) just to test/install Version 4.

I really like Qubes :heart_eyes:
Everyting is working now.
I have to say that I do not have any problem with it. (tnx guys)

I will love it, if somebody makes a stable sys-gui(-gpu) VM :smiley:


Now I love it.


I just plugged my External Monitor to Laptop with a MiniDP-DP Cable, and Qubes detect it.
Picture was cloned on both displays.

I had to install arandr, because, when I open xfce-display, my external monitor would go immediately dead.

sudo qubes-dom0-update arandr

App detected immediately new monitor and I could make it as my secondary display.

I do not know, but in my opinion, I would arandr make as a default app.

What do you think ?

Please address this in a separate topic to keep the forum organized.


I see now that I went off topic.
So back to topic.
Just decided to upgrade my Terminal.
Only for Qubes :heart_eyes:

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