Technical question about Qubes

So, I am setting up a persistent USB relationship for a Qube that will mostly be used to print docs from. As I understand it this is basically the same thing as using the Devices section of the cube settings.

This being the case why doesn’t the device info appear directly I simply get USB buses and sata controllers etc. I mean clearly the persistent command from the console is tracking the route for me. Why wouldn’t this be possible on the devices list so I just new what to move over.

Is this a honey pot issue it makes it to convenient for HaXpr to find their way around your system?

I am just trying to understand this design choice. No shade of-course. I have been using this OS for about 6 months now and I really like it.

BDF info was present before:

But it was changed recently:

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As appartus mentioned, it was available before. But it is going through a lot of changes. Most of them very recent. The new devices API has changed a lot. The GUI tools and widgets will also change a lot subsequently. If you want detailed technical details, I covered them here:

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