System language change


how can I change the system language in QubesOS?
New TemlateVMs and AppVMs shall be created in german language and the whole system appearance shall be changed to german language?

The Documentation and Introduction is very well done, just this information I could not find.

Thank you for your help in advance!

In dom0, install the German language. In a dom0 terminal, execute sudo qubes-dom0-update langpacks-de.

Then reboot.

Before logging in, the task panel will show - usually far to the right - the current language, e.g. C.UTF-8. Clicking on this value will open a menu where you can select the GUI language.

This need only be done once; the selected language survives logging out and reboot.


Thank you very much!

2 more questions, just to understand the logic:

Does this procedure include language-settings of in the future created TemplateVMs only, I guess?
How can I change language-settings in already created TemplatVMs?

That’s just the interface language of Qubes, i.e. dom0.

To change the language of existing templates, you have to install the language packs in these templates.

For Fedora-based templates, this is done via sudo dnf install langpacks-de, and for debian via sudo apt-get install language-pack-de language-pack-gnome-de language-pack-de-base language-pack-gnome-de-base.

After installing a language, it has to be selected/enabled via the settings of the template.

New templates will be installed in their default language, usually English, and they have to be changed just like existing templates.


This could be alleviated by coping a “clean” template with nothing but the language packs before starting to create a new template–clone the “clean Deutsch” template and start from there.

However, that won’t help when you need a totally new template, (e.g., Debian 12 when it comes out); you’ll have to create debian-12-de and regenerate all other templates from that. (Many people do that with scripts or manage in some way I don’t quite understand with salt.)


Thank you very much. I think I will stay with installing the language packs manually.
I think I now understand the system:
When I do general changes in TemplateVMs then I can also search for further informations in the VMs-distro-forums if not found here. And if I do not find an answer I know that here are helpful users :slight_smile: