System crashed not long after startup, since then no more AppVMs bootable


shortly after the computer started and one or two VMs were already running, the system totally crashed, that is, the boot process of the computer started all over again in one fell swoop. It happened at a time when several AppVMs were just starting.

Yesterday, only the updates for Whonix and Fedora XFCE were made. The day before yesterday the updates for dom0 and Debian.

Now when I want to start or create an AppVM of any kind, it says either:

Qube X has failed to start. Cant create snapshot vm-Y-root-snap as origin vm-debian-10-root is not suspended. Failed to suspend qubes_dom0/vm-pool with queued messages.

This is strange because Qube X has nothing to do with Qube Y at all.

Or the PC says:

Qube Z has failed to start: Logical Volume “vm-sys-net-private-snap” already exists in volume group “qubes_dom0”

What the heck can I do?

I have not yet dared to restart the PC another time.

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You can try solution from here:

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Thank you very much. Solution for me is:

sudo lvs

Then search the list for “snap”. For every matching entry I do:

sudo lvremove qubes_dom0/vm-exampleVM-root-snap


sudo lvremove qubes_dom0/vm-exampleVM-private-snap

Then the AppVMs are bootable again.