Sys qubes failing to start due to Logical volume already existing

I had several crashes of my Qubes system, and now when I boot I get sys-net sys-firewall sys-usb failing to start. For context this is a very new Qubes installation.

When I used systemctl status to see what was going on for sys-usb & sys-firewall, I got the following (more to it which I can post):

loaded: (insert long path): service; enabled; vendor preset; disabled
skipping down

Can’t create snapshot vm-keepassxc-private-snap as origin vm-keepassxc-private is not suspended.

For sys-firewall it says:

"Logical volume vm-sys-net-volatile already exists in “qubes_dom0”

ERROR: Logical Volume "vm-sys-<vm-name>-root-snap" already exists in volume group "qubes_dom0" · Issue #3964 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub This github issue from a while ago seems to be the same issue.

Can anyone explain what has happened and how to fix it? Thanks.

Edit - A user in this post Logical volume "vm-sys-net-volatile" already exists in volume group"qubes_dom0" - #2 by adw suggested the following as a remedy, does anyone have comment on this approach?

"After my system crashed and rebooted I had the same error message. I was able to fix it by issuing the following commands in dom0:

dom0: lvdisplay (and searching for the path to the logical volume, e.g. lvdisplay|grep vm-sys-net-volatile)
dom0: lvremove (e.g. lvremove /dev/qubes_dom0/vm-sys-net-volatile)

My expectation was that the volatile logical volumes are only temporary. So by deleting it I only lose the temporary changes after the last reboot of the VM. It worked like expected, but I didn’t check for any data loss. I was able to boot the VM and all was working like expected."


Found from: ERROR: Logical Volume "vm-sys-<vm-name>-root-snap" already exists in volume group "qubes_dom0" · Issue #3964 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Success. I ran:
sudo lvremove qubes_dom0/vm-sys-whonix-private-snap

It successfully deleted. From there all VMs can start. I rebooted qubes to be sure. Everything comes up >cleanly.

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