Sys-whonix starting on its own (after unchecking "statup at boot")


My VM sys-whonix, has been starting on its own, I checked several times, and I unchecked “startup at boot” Any solution to this?

Could it be this?

And this is somehow similar (sys-net instead of sys-whonix)

Note: I’ve edited the title to make it more specific to the issue (makes it easier to find)

how does a CMOS chip reset help in a BIOS compromise? most probably a remote compromise, if any?

I deleted that sys whonix vm and made a new one, and now it doesn’t restart on its own.

However, while it was happening, the dom0 did use about 40% CPU constantly, despite turning all VMs off.

Sounds too big of a logical leap. Maybe we should start with some other (more plausible) explanations.


This sounds like a different problem. Feel free to create a topic for it.


why do think it’s a big logical step?

I thought it was related to the sys-whonix issue. However upon re-reading it sounds unrelated, so it should go on another thread (one issue per thread). However, it doesn’t seem Qubes-related should you should ask it on a more specific forum.

I am talking about DOM0 compromise?

Did you set updates to be done on tor network?

Did you set updates to be done on tor network?

There are a number of reasons why a netvm may start.
Here are some:

  1. It is used for update checks.
  2. It is used for time checks.
  3. Some network connected qube is trying to start, possibly for 1 or 2

probably others, and possibly some Whonix specific ones. (I don’t use
Whonix so cant say.)

Investigate those before jumping to “DOM0 compromise”
It is simple to change the updatevm, default UpdateVM, and clockvm. You
should do that.

yes, I set the Time and date to whonix, and default net and updates to whonix as well.