Whonix Qube restarts after being killed

When using “Kill qube” in Manager on whonix qube (AppVM), qube immediately starts up again. Why?

Thank you.

I had this problem more than a year ago with both gateways (WhoNix) and workstations (WhoNix).

Check in Qubes Manager -> System -> Global Settings or some other Whonix is calling on SysWhonix. If this is not true try reinstalling the Whonix Templates. When everything else fails including restoring from backup it is time to clean completely your machine including BIOS.

Yes I know the pain!


I do have two Whonix qubes connected to sys-whonix; is that ok or not, like sys-net?

other than the usual whonix warning about security TWO appvm-ws I’m doubting would cause that, I would manually check dom0 and/or -gw -ws templates for any apt-get upgrade

i had the restart problem few weeks back don’t recall if it was whonix though

I have a similar problem also with a whonix-based AppVM. But I haven’t had the chance to look more into it yet. From the security perspectives, the possibility of a bug like this does sound some alarms.

Maybe worth checking on the whonix forum for similar problems?

(@abc I’ve made the title a bit more specific. Feel free to edit it back if you feel it doesn’t apply)

Thanks. Might be because two Whonix qubes connected to sys-whonix.

I’m still having this issue. Anyone else?