Sys-whonix accidentally changed

I accidentally changed (sys-whonix) networking to default(sys-firewall). Is this OK or if not what should it be sys-net

sys-whonix should get its networking from sys-firewall. This VM connects to Tor and provides the Internet through Tor for anon-whonix VM.

In case you accidentally broke or compromised anything, you can always restore the previous state of the qube:

(But it will not restore the NetVM AFAIK)

yeah, I’m thinking I did break something cause I’m seeing very strange behavior with tor and connecting and can only connect with "sys-net"Plus I keep getting the same exit nodes no matter what I do…But it’s all good,nothing secret of personal is on this qubes os… I told myself this was my “test” build so I could learn my Qubes-OS and I believe I have come pretty far over the past few months. Learning how to install apps, format External USB drives,attach them, clone appVM’s, understanding Dom0,domians, vpn setup. you know stuff like that. You know this MAC address changer doesn’t work very well in GUI of eth0…
So I will be soon installing new SSD’s and doing my final buildout and running with it.

thanks for the Intel my friend

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