Can't create directories in USB attached to qube via sys-usb

One more question if I may here…
So I understand sys-usb, then connecting external USB either stick or SSD. Can format them once connected to the domian I want, run gpatted to format “ext4” domain now not only see the external USB device I can access it BUT I can not make folders, files move from one domian to this domain that has usb device and copy/paste. It’s all grayed out, why?
When I go to permissions on the usb devices it’s “read only” and I can’t change the access level to read/right, all grayed out as will. But I see “root” up to. So do I have to use terminal to do what I want within the usb device?
Am I missing something or is this a security feature?

Moved this unrelated question onto its own thread. This way we keep the forum organized. Feel free to change the title as I may not have correctly understood the issue at hand.

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